3 One Oh Releases "I Want It"

Check out 3 One Oh’s newest single “I Want It”!

3 One Oh

“I Want It”


I Got that sunshine in my pocket.

I got fire like a rocket

Say the word ya know Im ready to go

I Don’t just talk that talk I’m


Yeah I walk that walk I’m walking

Yeah I’m on it, but You already know


Tell father your mother

Your sister and your brother

Go and tell everyone you know

Get your uncle your neighbor

Your auntie that’s your favorite

Cause we Know that’s this roofs gonna  blow

So obsessed

Cause it’s so so fresh


I want it want it want it

So bad

Gotta have it have it have it

Oh yeah

I love

That’s that

I know I want It i want it


I got that good good so  I flaunt it

People asking cause they want it

They keep staring all your eyes are on me

Yeah I’m Spicey like the flavor but I’m sweetest with haters

they all wanna get a taste of me

Bridge: Give it, give it, give it give it to me ( x2)