3 One Oh releases "Heroes & Legends"

In anticipation for this week’s placement in NBC’s “The Titan Games”, 3 One Oh released our song “Heroes & Legends”. Check it out!

Verse 1:

Can’t help it that were chosen 

Names up on an poster 

Everybodies knows that when we win its cause we’re supposed t0 

Fighting with the dark side 

Running but you can’t hide 

Talking all that shhhh

All that trash it’s got you Tongue tied 


We came here to win it, won’t stop till we’re finished, you better be ready to throw down 

Calling us famous, our names in the papers, and we find our way cause we know how 

Don’t get it twisted we doing our business,

They’re Chanting our names and it’s so loud. 

Better believe it we can’t be defeated no way that we’ll go down 


We are the hero’s

We’re talking legends 

Won’t back down in till 

Our hands are to the heavens 

Verse 2:
Can’t stop us when we go in

Kings and queens are folden 

There’s something in our touch, feel the rush yeah we’re golden. 

Sending out a message 

Leave them in the wreckage 

Unbreakable, powerful forces not to mess with