"Here We Go" featured in ABC's American Idol

So stoked that our song “Here We Go” aired in this Sunday’s “American Idol” over Jake Puliti’s audition intro.


“Here We Go”


I hear that whistle you blow 

ooh ooh

I’keep you up on your toes 

Ooh ooh 

Cause I see you like  like what you see

You want your hands all over me


You do what I do and I do me 

Where You go I 

Follow no apologies 


Here we go 

Here we go 

Here we go

Here we go again

Here we go again


Verse 2:

Tell everyone that you know 

Ooh Ooh 

That’s right I’m running the show 


I Got what you want, I got what you need

Sing hallelujah make you believe



You be trippin over this 

Getting all your kicks 

I hear whistleingbatbme 

Cause You liking what you see 

You know you like it, I really like it