"Heroes & Legends" in Netflix's "Lucifer"

Check out “Heroes & Legends” in episode 10 of Season 4 of Netflix’s “Lucifer”, right in the middle of a pretty epic fight scene! Listen to it on Spotify below.




can’t help it that we’re chosen

name’s up on a poster

everybody know that if we win it’s cause we’re suppose to (tah)

fighting with the dark side

running but ya can’t hide

talking all that shhhh, all that trash it’s got ya tongue tied


We came here to win it

won’t stop till we’re finished

so you better be ready to throw down

They call us famous

our names in the papers

yo we find a way cause we know

Don’t get it twisted

We doing are business

They’re chanting our name and its so loud

You better believe it 

we can’t be defeated

No way that we’ll go down